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Dr. Chudley is a medical geneticist and pediatrician. He is a professor at the University of Manitoba, at Winnipeg Children's Hospital. He has diagnosed and clinically follows 8 children with Kabuki syndrome in his practice. A brief summary of the children and report on dental anomalies in these children has been published in Clinical Genetics (August 1999), with Dr. Aizzedin Mhanni (a genetics resident) and Dr. Howard Cross (a pediatric dentist). Dr. Chudley has expertise and an interest in genetic disorders presenting with mental handicaps and dysmorphic features.

Medical Geneticist and Pediatrician
University of Manitoba Children's Hospital
Department of Human Genetics


FE-229-820 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1R9
Phone: 204-787-4743
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