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The purpose of the directory is to allow professionals with considerable experience with Kabuki to share their knowledge with those who may only see one or two children in their careers. The members have usually had experience with multiple children and are able to recognize the differing presentations of the syndrome. If you would like to be added to the list of contacts on this page, please contact KSN.

Name Country Occupation
Dr. Albert Chudley Canada Medical Geneticist and Pediatrician

Dr. Chudley is a medical geneticist and pediatrician. He is a professor at the University of Manitoba, at Winnipeg Children's Hospital. He has diagnosed and clinically follows 8 children with Kabuki syndrome in his...

Dr. Howard Cross Canada Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Howard Cross, a pediatric dentist, is Director of the Children's Hospital Dental Division and the Manitoba Cleft Program. He has co-authored the 1999 article, "Kabuki Syndrome: description of dental findings in 8...

Dr. Michael Biavati United States Pediatric Otolaryngologist

Michael J. Biavati, M.D. is a Pediatric Otolaryngologist and Chairman of the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology. He works with Gina Rocha Worley, a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and voice specialist. Five years...

Dr. Leah Burke United States Geneticist

Dr. Burke reported 8 cases of Kabuki syndrome in 1995 in the following article: "Kabuki Syndrome: Underdiagnosed Recognizeable Pattern in Cleft Palate...

Dr. Mark Hannibal United States Clinical Geneticist

Dr. Mark C. Hannibal is a clinical geneticist with a strong clinical interest in Kabuki syndrome. He has seen over 50 patients with Kabuki syndrome. Dr. Hannibal helped to identify cases that led to the identification...

Dr. Louanne Hudgins United States Clinical Geneticist and Pediatrician

Louanne Hudgins, MD, is a clinical geneticist and pediatrician. She has been practicing clinical genetics (and seeing patients with Kabuki syndrome) for 11 years, initially at the University of Arizona-Phoenix, then at...

Dr. Jeff Milunsky United States Clinical and Molecular Geneticist, Pediatrician

Jeff Milunsky, M.D. is a Clinical and Molecular Geneticist as well as a Pediatrician. He has been practicing clinical genetics for 8 years at Boston University School of Medicine and has been the Director of Clinical...

Alisha Biser-Wilkens United States Certified Genetic Counselor

Alisha Biser-Wilkens and Dr. Jeffrey Ming are in the Division of Human Genetics at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. They and their colleagues have seen...

Dr. Jeffrey Ming United States Geneticist

Dr. Ming and Alisha Biser are in the Division of Human Genetics at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. They and their colleagues have seen approximately 30...

Dr. Roberta Pagon United States Geneticist and Pediatrician

Dr. Pagon, Dr. Mark Hannibal and colleagues have published their newest article in the Journal of Pediatrics, featuring their findings with 18 individuals with Kabuki. They continue to be interested studying patients with...

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