Thanks goes to Dean Schmiedge for his accounting expertise.

Thanks goes out to Ed Zwart, Margot's brother, and Janice Banser, Ed's partner, for their help in the construction and design of this website. Their many hours of donated time toward this cause is very much appreciated! If you like this site and require their services, you can contact them at Softserv Innovation.

Thanks to Netwerk Kabuki Syndroom for allowing us to use the logo which you see on the top of each page. It was designed by Jos Vergouwen, the contact for the Dutch group. Jos describes the logo as follows: "The logo is derived from the first Japanese character sign of the word Kabuki syndrome. The first thing you see is the elegant letter K. If you look more closely, you see a person standing with both arms outstretched, which symbolises the invitation to network with one another."

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