Computer-based Facial Recognition Software

Facial Dysmorphology Novel Analysis (FDNA) is a company that uses face-recognition software to detect syndromes that have a distinct facial gestalt by analyzing 2D facial photos.  They will provide a simple free downloadable mobile application that can be used in the clinical settings by health professionals.  Their goal is to facilitate earlier diagnosis, thereby shortening the long journey from initial doctor visit to an eventual diagnosis by a geneticist.

KSN is collaborating with FDNA to further 'train' its system to optimize its accurate recognition of Kabuki syndrome.  To accomplish this, we need your help!  If you, or a member of your family have a confirmed diagnosis of Kabuki Syndrome, you are eligible to participate in this study. FDNA's main focus is diagnosing children and newborns, but will accept images from all age groups.  

To participate, please download the information packet which includes further explanation, photo instructions, and a consent form.  Please return the consent form and digital photos to KSN.  We will forward to FDNA as per instructions.

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