Endocrine and GenitoUrinary Summary

DeMarRenali tract infections can occur, sometimes due to structural abnormalities and/or immune dysfunction. Common renal anomalies include renal dysplasiai, renal agenesisi, horseshoe kidney, and ectopici kidney. Ureter abnormalities include obstruction, refluxi, and duplication.

Undescended testes, hypospadiasi, and small penis have all been reported. A significant amount of girls have premature breast development and, rarely, premature onset of puberty. Growth hormone deficiency, congenitali hypothyroidism, and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus are all rare findings in KS.

Hypoglycemiai, hypoglycemia, is usually a short-lived problem in infants, but it has also been reported in older children. Vigilant monitoring during fasting periods for surgeries is essential.  Certain physical (structural) features associated with Kabuki syndrome could complicate the effects of anesthesia.  These may include: 


Obstructive sleep apneai 
Stenosisi of central airways 
Renal abnormalities 
Diaphragmatic eventrationi

Cleft or high arched palate
Cardiac anomalies

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