FaceBase - 3D Imaging

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, University of Colorado, and University of Calgary are working together to build a database of 3D facial images that will enable faster and more accurate diagnosis of different genetic syndromes. The goal is to revolutionize the practice of clinical genetics by creating a diagnostic tool that will include a variety of genetic craniofacial syndromes, including Kabuki Syndrome. The project is called FaceBase, and is part of a larger international effort to better understand how the face and cranium form during development. Participation involves taking a few photographs of the participant's face, along with collecting some clinical information and informed consent. The study coordinator is Elizabeth Beals and she will explain the study and take the pictures, as well as organize the study team’s attendance at the various family gatherings.  More information about the various FaceBase projects can be found at their website.


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