Health Issues


The health issues of Kabuki Syndrome are variable. Many different health issues have been observed among children with Kabuki syndrome, however an individual child may have only a sub-set of those issues. Those born with heart malformations, cleft lip/palate, or other obvious physical anomalies, will be more likely to receive an early diagnosis. For others, this process may take longer.

Hint for Parents

Wheels of Opportunity

Does your child have difficulty with balance? There are many bike options available that will enable your child to enjoy this healthy activity!


Growth Hormone Therapy

"To our best knowledge, this is the first report on body proportions in Kabuki syndrome. It is shown here that various body ratios in KS clearly deviate from normally proportioned children. The key differences in body proportions in KS are that these children have larger heads and longer arms proportional to their trunks and longer upper arms proportional to their tibia length and feet. Knowledge of these body proportions in KS is valuable, since it can strengthen the clinical diagnosis and provide the means to follow up on the body proportions during growth and development."

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Anxiety Tips

At our recent East Coast Kabuki Conference in Baltimore, the issue of anxiety in our Kabuki children was raised and I offered examples of things my husband and I had done with our daughter, Kristin (30), throughout her development.   Books or at least chapters are written on this, but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.  I decided to limit my initial writing to the top 10 that came to my mind!

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Anesthesia for a Child with Kabuki Syndrome



An older article, but still relevant today as authors list characteristics that may affect anesthesia care.

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Anesthesia Management in a Patient with Kabuki Syndrome



Anesthesiologists should be aware of a possibly difficult tracheal intubation, cardiac lesions, respiratory problems, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders and a latex allergy when dealing with the anesthetic management of a patient with Kabuki syndrome.

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Kabuki syndrome and perisylvian cortical dysplasia in a Turkish girl


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Autoimmune haematological disorders in two Italian children with Kabuki Syndrome


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New Ocular Findings in a case of Kabuki Syndrome

Ocular findings

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Four Patients with Oral Abnormalities

Oral Abnormalities

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Growth in Kabuki Syndrome

A review of the findings of previously published articles on the topic of growth and growth hormone therapy.

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Kabuki and Autistic-type Behaviors

How do the developmental and social challenges of Autism compare to those of individuals with Kabuki syndrome?

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