Health Issues


The health issues of Kabuki Syndrome are variable. Many different health issues have been observed among children with Kabuki syndrome, however an individual child may have only a sub-set of those issues. Those born with heart malformations, cleft lip/palate, or other obvious physical anomalies, will be more likely to receive an early diagnosis. For others, this process may take longer.

Hint for Parents

Preventative Use for Juice

Is you child pronei to bladder infection? Pure cranberry juice produces hippuric acid which acidifies the urine and prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder so that infections aren't as likely to occur.


Audiological And Vestibular Findings In Kabuki Syndrome

Read about the three most common types of hearing loss in individuals with Kabuki Syndrome.

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Kabuki Syndrome and Cleft Palate

Read about the possible implications of cleft palatei and submucous cleft palate.

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Important Dental and Orthodontic Issues for Children with Kabuki Syndrome

Important issues in dental development, oral health care, facial growth and development and orthodontic care.

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