Health Issues


The health issues of Kabuki Syndrome are variable. Many different health issues have been observed among children with Kabuki syndrome, however an individual child may have only a sub-set of those issues. Those born with heart malformations, cleft lip/palate, or other obvious physical anomalies, will be more likely to receive an early diagnosis. For others, this process may take longer.

Hint for Parents

I Have a Partner?!

Don’t forget to spend alone-time together. Having a happy marriage is always important, but even more so when dealing with the added stress of raising a child with special needs.


Audiological And Vestibular Findings In Kabuki Syndrome

Read about the three most common types of hearing loss in individuals with Kabuki Syndrome.

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Last updated: Friday, September 5, 2014 - 17:05

Kabuki Syndrome and Cleft Palate

Read about the possible implications of cleft palatei and submucous cleft palate.

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Important Dental and Orthodontic Issues for Children with Kabuki Syndrome

Important issues in dental development, oral health care, facial growth and development and orthodontic care.

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