A Meaningful Life

Tara was diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome at 4 ½ years old.  She is now 26 and lives in her own home which she shares with another young lady.  She is supported by Creative Options Regina (COR), an organization that facilitates personalized support for individuals with intellectual disability.  We chose COR because their philosophy of Gentle Teachings is very much in sync with our own beliefs.

TaraTo read about the process we, as her parents, went through to help transition Tara from high school to adult-life, please see our transition article which appears in the ‘Transition to Adulthood’ section of this website.  You may also be interested in reading an article which appeared in various Canadian papers that further highlights Tara’s success in the adult world.

Tara’s journey continues to evolve.  We will be adding a new job to her day – ascertaining that the portable signs of a local business have not been vandalized and then reporting back to the company.  This is a job initiated by 4to40, an organization that seeks inclusive employment opportunities for individuals experiencing disability. In addition, this summer we will build 3 large raised garden boxes in her backyard to facilitate easier gardening – an activity she enjoyed when living at home.

We will try to keep this article updated as new ideas come to us.  We think it important that parents of older children communicate what has worked for their particular child and situation.  It helps to share our creative juices!

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