Meet our new 'Trende-setter'!

Trende is an online fashion/film/food company.  We are incredibly proud to announce that their model for this June is Jordan Reinman, a young woman with Kabuki syndrome! As stated on their website, "Jordan is an inspiring woman who has learned to love life no matter her circumstances and found that loving herself and living for others had the power to change her life. As we pulled dresses and accessories from Jordan's wardrobe we arranged a bouquet of feminine and fun outfits bursting with color and various silhouettes. These 10 outfits represent many style preferences from the dark skinny jeans to the patterned circle skirt dress and are reminiscent of sunny days in the country and honeysuckles tussling about in a warm wind." 

To see still photos of Jordan's wardrobe go to Trende.

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