Stroller/Wheelchair Options

Although most individuals with Kabuki are ambulatory, there are a few who are not. Also, some individuals who are mobile may not have the endurance for long walks. As a result, some parents find it useful to own a stroller for their youth/adult children. Here are a few options that are used by our families.

MacLaren Stroller - Rated to 140 lbs, although that is likely a bit generous. Read reviews at this site.
Convaid Classic Cruiser Stroller - Can accomodate up to 250 lbs.

Many local Abilities Councils (Canada), Goodwill (USA) or charitable organizations offer wheelchairs/adult mobility devices for rent or borrow. If you know of any other specific strollers/wheelchairs or organizations that you have found to be helpful, please let KSN know and we will add to this list.

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