Individuals with Kabuki Syndrome will usually exhibit delays in multiple areas of development. Early intervention is key as research has shown that learning and development is most rapid during the early childhood years.

Hints for Parents

Mouth in Training

Have your child suck thick drinks through a straw. Strengthening the muscles in the mouth can increase speech production and decrease drooling.


Why Homeschool?

Making decisions about a child’s education can be stressful, scary, exciting, frustrating, and everything similar and in-between. My husband and I weighed our options, and decided that homeschooling was the very best thing we could do for Joshua this year.

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Craniosacral Therapy

The Craniosacral System is intimately related to many systems of the body, including: endocrinei, neuromuscular, nervous, immune, lymphatic, and musculoskeletal systems.

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Music Soothes the Soul

Many parents have discovered that music accomodates learning!

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Kabuki Syndrome - The Visual Issues

Do you know the difference between eyesight and vision?

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An Appropriate Education

Navigating through the school system, leaves mom with some compelling questions and insights.

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SOS - Signals Help for Sensory Oral Feeding and Swallowing Problems!!

Why is my child vomiting after each meal? Why is my child able to start to eat fine and then after a few minutes into mealtime he/she stops eating and starts crying? Find out the answers!

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The Impact of Gastrointestinal Issues on Oral Feeding

The impact of gastroesophageal reflux and constipation on feeding in children with Kabuki Syndrome.

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Promoting Positive Feeding Behaviors in Children with Kabuki Syndrome

Feeding problems in children with Kabuki Syndrome can seem overwhelming, but the good news is that almost any feeding problem can be overcome.

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Understanding Behaviors

An indepth look at the sensory processes necessary for equilibrium.  Based on the conference, Becoming a Behavioral Detective, by Kim Barthel.

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The CAPD Model and Kabuki Syndrome

Hearing is not simply the process of the ear 'hearing' sounds, but also includes the ability to process that auditory information.  This has implications for speech therapy.

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