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The purpose of the directory is to allow professionals with considerable experience with Kabuki to share their knowledge with those who may only see one or two children in their careers. The members have usually had experience with multiple children and are able to recognize the differing presentations of the syndrome. If you would like to be added to the list of contacts on this page, please contact KSN.

Name País Occupation
Dr. Agnes Bankier Australia Clinical Geneticist

Dr. Agnes Bankier has served as Clinical Geneticist for the Possum Project since 1986. She has worked since 1983 as a clinical geneticist in the Victorian Clinical Genetic Services with an interest in Dysmorphology. At...

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Dr. Julie McGaughran Australia Geneticist

Julie McGaughran has seen over 20 patients with Kabuki and has published several papers.

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Dr. Norio Niikawa Japón University President

TITLE AND POSITION: President, The Research Institute of Personalized Health Sciences, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

DATE OF BIRTH: May 8, 1942 (69 years old)

EDUCATION: Graduated from Hokkaido...

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Fernando Santos España Clinical geneticist
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Julia Kotalevskaya Rusia clinical geneticist
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Jorge Luis Suárez Guerrero Colombia Estudiante de Medicina
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Dr. Hans Bjornsson Estados Unidos Director of Epigenetic and Chromatin Clinic, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Epigenetic modifications offer one plausible way that the environment (both external and internal) can directly affect gene expression. Epigenetic modifications have also been known to minimize disease states by...

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Dr. Andrew W Lindsley Estados Unidos Pediatric Allergist-Immunologist

Dr Lindsley is a physician-scientist and has a special research interest in the epigenetic regulation of B cell differentiation and function.  B cells are the immune cells which generate antibodies and many...

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Dana Levinson Parent involved with KS Network


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