There are many gadgets available to aid in sensory stimulation and activities of daily living.  It is not our intention to provide links to all these products.  However, following is a list to invoke ideas of what is available.  KSN does not endorse the following products or companies. Links are provided to give you a visual, however we recommend you do your own research.  


Angel Guard - deters small children from unfastening seatbelts
Quick Snap - durable plastic clip that eliminates need to tie shoelaces
Button Hook/Zipper Pull - makes buttoning clothes easy
Chair Harness - converts a dining chair into a toddler seat
Portable Support Bar for Swing - sets up in seconds in doorways
Bath Tub Alarm - beeps to warn the bath is full
Adult Bibs - great for those messy soup and pasta meals
Look 'n Cook Cookbook - helps non-readers follow a recipe
Chewy Tube - for oral motor stimulation
Medi-Straw - eliminates the difficulty of swallowing pills
Pill Swallowing Cup - facilitates the swallowing of pills
Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup - slowly releases liquid medicines
Sip-Tip Cup - promotes less coughing & spitting, one-way valve
Easy Key Turner - snaps easily over standard keys
Door Knob Gripper - slips over door knobs to provide a slip-free surface
Lamp Switch Turner - fits over lamp knobs to provide a slip-free grip


Homemade Blended Formula Handbook - a guide to homemade tube-feedings
Pigeon Bottle & Nipple - a one-way valve that prevents excessive air intake
Haberman Special Needs Feeder - one-way valve and adjustable flow rate
Maroon Spoon - shallow bowl ideal for feeding therapy
ARK Probe - strengthens the jaw
Z-vibe - adds vibration to the ARK Probe


Tangle Toys - a fidget toy that provides sensory stimulation
Music Therapy Video Game - a fun-filled treasure hunt video game 
Rotation Board - great for stimulating balance


Kurzweil - enables conversion of regular text curriculum into a multi-sensory format
Dragon Speak - speech recognition software
LiveScribe Smartpen - captures words, scribbles and diagrams which are then wirelessly stored in your Evernote account
AnyBook Reader - converts any book into an audio book, using your own voice
SolidTek ACECAD DigiMemo L2 - converts written material to digital content in Windows or Mac

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