Postnatal short stature is one of the cardinali features of Kabuki Syndrome. It is still unclear as to what extent growth hormone deficiency contributes to this characteristic.

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Don’t forget to spend alone-time together. Having a happy marriage is always important, but even more so when dealing with the added stress of raising a child with special needs.

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"To our best knowledge, this is the first report on body proportions in Kabuki syndrome. It is shown here that various body ratios in KS clearly deviate from normally proportioned children. The key differences in body proportions in KS are that these children have larger heads and longer arms proportional to their trunks and longer upper arms proportional to their tibia length and feet. Knowledge of these body proportions in KS is valuable, since it can strengthen the clinical diagnosis and provide the means to follow up on the body proportions during growth and development."

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Growth in Kabuki Syndrome

A review of the findings of previously published articles on the topic of growth and growth hormone therapy.

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