Craniofacial and dental characteristics of Kabuki syndrome.

TitleCraniofacial and dental characteristics of Kabuki syndrome.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMatsune K, Shimizu T, Tohma T, Asada Y, Ohashi H, Maeda T
JournalAmerican journal of medical genetics
Date Published2001 Jan 15

We describe oral manifestations in six patients (three females and three males aged 6 to 24 years) with Kabuki syndrome (KS), based on their physical, orthopantomographic, and cephalometric findings. All six patients had a high-arched palate, malocclusioni, most commonly unilateral posteriori cross-bite (5/6), severe maxillary recession and mid-facial hypoplasiai. Other frequently observed oral manifestations included small dental arch and hypodontia. Three patients lacked permanent teeth, mostly the central/lateral incisorsi. Both tooth size (in primary and permanent teeth) and dental arch (in length and width) tended to be small. We would like to stress that oral care and management is a must for the well-being of KS patients.

Alternate JournalAm. J. Med. Genet.
Citation Key11223856