Favorable seizure outcome in Kabuki make-up syndrome associated with epilepsy.

TitleFavorable seizure outcome in Kabuki make-up syndrome associated with epilepsy.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsOgawa A, Yasumoto S, Tomoda Y, Ohfu M, Mitsudome A, Kuroki Y
JournalJournal of child neurology
Date Published2003 Aug

Kabuki make-up syndrome is a mental retardation-malformation syndrome affecting multiple organ systems, with a broad spectrum of neuromuscular dysfunction and mental ability. The incidence of seizures associated with this syndrome ranges from 10 to 40%. However, details of the seizures in this syndrome have not been adequately reported or thoroughly evaluated. In this study, we analyzed seizure characteristics and clinical outcomes in nine patients with Kabuki make-up syndrome. Four patients had generalized seizures and two patients had complex partial seizures, extended to secondary generalized seizures. West's syndrome, complex partial seizure, and atonic seizure were seen in one case each, respectively. Electroencephalograms showed focal spikes in seven cases, diffuse spike and wave burst in one case, and hypsarrhythmia in one case. Seizures were well controlled in eight cases and incompletely controlled in only one case. Together with mental retardation, epilepsy can be a primary feature of Kabuki make-up syndrome. Epilepsy associated with Kabuki make-up syndrome is mainly localization-related epilepsy with a favorable seizure outcome.

Alternate JournalJ. Child Neurol.
Citation Key13677581