Kabuki makeup syndrome (Niikawa-Kuroki syndrome) in a black child.

TitleKabuki makeup syndrome (Niikawa-Kuroki syndrome) in a black child.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsPeBenito R, Ferretti C
JournalAnnals of ophthalmology
Date Published1989 Aug

Kabuki makeup syndrome (KMS), also known as Niikawa-Kuroki syndrome, is a dysmorphic disorder of unknown etiologyi, characterized by unusual faciesi, large protruding ears, postnatal dwarfism, and mental retardation. The syndrome has been seen almost exclusively in Japanese children. We report a case of KMS that occurred in a child of mixed ethnicity. Differential diagnosis is discussed.

Alternate JournalAnn Ophthalmol
Citation Key2802456