Individuals with Kabuki syndrome have widely varying intellectual abilities. As such the educational needs will be very different for each child. It would be unfair to provide predictions as to what an individual may be capable of. It can be said, though, that virtually all children will require some level of adaptation made to the regular school curriculum.

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Introduction to Classmates

Are you looking for a way to introduce your child’s uniqueness to his classmates? Check out these handy social story templates!

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Why Homeschool?

Making decisions about a child’s education can be stressful, scary, exciting, frustrating, and everything similar and in-between. My husband and I weighed our options, and decided that homeschooling was the very best thing we could do for Joshua this year.

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An Appropriate Education

Navigating through the school system, leaves mom with some compelling questions and insights.

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Understanding Behaviors

An indepth look at the sensory processes necessary for equilibrium.  Based on the conference, Becoming a Behavioral Detective, by Kim Barthel.

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