Dr. Norio Niikawa

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TITLE AND POSITION: President, The Research Institute of Personalized Health Sciences, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

DATE OF BIRTH: May 8, 1942 (69 years old)

EDUCATION: Graduated from Hokkaido University School of Medicine, and received MD, 1967 Received PhD from Hokkaido University, 1979

CERTIFICATION: National Board for Practitioner, 1968 Japanese Board of Pediatrics, Pediatrician, 1986 Japanese Board of Medical Genetics, Certified Clinical Geneticist, 1991

HONORS: The Science and Technology Award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Tec

University President
Health Sciences University of Hokkaido


Health Sciences University of Hokkaido
Kanazawa 1757
Ishikari-Tobetsu, Hokkaido 060-0293
Phone: +81-133-23-1211
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